Available Publications

Defusing the Risk to Judicial Officials"Defusing the Risk to Judicial Officials: The Contemporary Threat Management Process" is written by Frederick S. Calhoun and Stephen W. Weston. Learn how contemporary threat management for judicial security offers the best way for law enforcement to respond to reports of inappropriate or suspicious behaviors and defuse the risk from desperate individuals. Document is in PDF format and will be sent via email upon completion of order.CSDRJO
Court Security Resource Guide"Court Security Resource Guide" is a practical guide to the practices, procedures and resources available for those providing court security. Document is in PDF format and will be sent via email upon completion of order.CSRESGUIDE
Jail Information Model (JIM)The Jail Information Model (JIM) is a user-friendly process that can be implemented into the current culture of the jail and can be easily replicated by law enforcement organizations throughout the country. There is no need for additional staff, training is limited, and the entire process can be customized to meet the specific needs of each community. JIM includes publications, sample forms, presentations, and training tools. All documents are in PDF format and will be sent via two emails upon completion of order.JIM
First and Second Line Supervisors Training ManualThis 4th edition, 27-chapter manual will help new or potential jail supervisors become better leaders in today's correctional environment by teaching the duties and responsibilities required of an effective line supervisor. Learn how to motivate subordinates, safeguard the security of the facility, and protect themselves and their subordinates from vicarious liability suits. Format is a perfect bound book.JOSP35
Jail Officer's Training ManualThis manual consists of 30 chapters covering all areas of a jail officer's responsibilities. Format is a perfect bound book. JOTP35