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Operations Based Threat,Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

The “Operations Based Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment” training assists homeland security professionals from all emergency response disciplines and the private sector who are responsible for managing risk, to conduct and complete Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessments and understand and use operationally, information gathered in the assessment.


The OpBTRVA is a comprehensive assessment that defines a community, evaluates a community’s strengths and weaknesses, identifies critical infrastructure and key resources, identifies the threats to the community from an all hazard perspective, identifies and prioritizes Critical Infrastructure / Key Resources (CI/KR) and provides a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.


The information gathered in the OpBTRVA methodology converts easily to operations and planning such as: daily operations; special operations; tactical considerations; information and intelligence; operational, tactical and strategic planning; prevention activities; protection activities; incident response and command; recovery; and the selection of applicable technology.


The OpBTRVA course is designed to help responders from multiple response disciplines and the private sector, complete assessments, as well as understand, analyze, and apply information gathered in the assessment process. The course will enhance operations including: tactical operations, intelligence gathering, creating and delivering community programs, emergency planning, resource allocation, response to the National Terrorism Advisory System, and DHS Alerts, operational response and recovery, as well as using the information for writing grant proposals and for the selection of applicable technology.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, this course gives assessors insight into what information should be included while completing assessments, by providing an understanding of what information is needed to produce plans and be useful to the operation.   


Course development was based upon various Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA) methodologies supported and recognized for analyzing, reducing and countering risks by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The primary source for the OpBTRVA was the Homeland Security Comprehensive Assessment Model (HLS-CAM™) as well as the Operational Value of Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment Course (OpVALTRVA). The OpBTRVA is based upon the HLS-CAM™. Other assessment methodologies including, but not limited to: CARVER I&II + SHOCK, C/ACAMs, BZZP, RAMCAP, OG&T MGT-310, OG&T MGT-315, and FEMA Assessments were considered in the development of this methodology. In addition, Wild Land Fire, and National Standard assessments, such as Predictive Tools, RAVAR, BEHAVE, and FS-PRO, were reviewed. The training considers multi-use risk analysis products and shows the participants how the various products can be aligned and made more adaptive in the fluid homeland security decision-making environment.    


The course also focuses on the importance of having various emergency response disciplines from both the public and private sectors participate in the assessment process, allowing for comparisons to be made across various missions, agencies, and topics for which risk is assessed. 


This course incorporates FEMA’s “all hazards” approach, Target Capability List and elements of the National Preparedness Guidelines, National Response Framework, and National Infrastructure Protection Plan. Specifically, the training demonstrates how the information gathered in the assessment process can be used to enhance the applicable capability-based preparedness principles to optimize reductions in risk. 

Where: Van Buren County Sheriff's Office 
205 S Kalamazoo St, Paw Paw, MI  49079

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5/2/2017 - 5/4/2017