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NSA provides programs for sheriffs, their deputies, chiefs of police, and other criminal justice professionals to perform their jobs in the best possible manner and to better promote homeland security and public safety in their jurisdiction.


New Orleans, LA
November 17 - 19, 2016
Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center

Hosted by the National Sheriffs' Association, the Major County Sheriffs' Association, the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, and Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office.

Attacks on police, military and ordinary citizens continue to mount in the new era of lone wolf threats, ISIS inspired radicals, and anti-government movements. We ask the questions:

  • Who are these bad actors?

  • What drives these acts of violence?

  • What are the precursor signs of an attack or a radical mindset?

  • What can we learn by a careful examination of acts that have occurred?

  • How can we work to improve coordination and collaboration with the public safety community and the individuals they serve?

Lastly, how do we develop a ‘preparation’ opportunity that may be readily available to small and medium size communities?  The Louisiana Counterterrorism Conference is an effort to address these important questions and concerns so all communities can begin to prepare to get ‘lucky’.

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